Craig Morgan – Tough

She’s In The Kitchen At The Crack Of Dawn Bacon’s On, Coffee’s Strong Kids Running Wild, Taking Off Their Clothes If She’s A Nervous Wreck, Well It Never Shows Takes One To Football And One To Dance Hits The Y For Aerobics Class Drops By The Bank, Stops At The Store Has On A Smile..


Blackhawk – Days Of America

Hey. The furnace burns in steel town Big business came and tried to shut ’em down Workers got together and they bought that mill They’re making steel in pittsburgh still The family farm down in indiana The bank’s foreclosin’ just because they can The farmer can’t do nothin’ ’bout another drought But john, waylon &..


Jimmy Driftwood – Mooshatanio

Along About Eighteen Hundred, I Guess I Took Me A Trip Into The Wilderness Crossed The Mississippi, Let My Rifle Roar No White Man Had Ever Been There Before I Turned My Face To The Settin’ Sun And I Lived By My Knife And I Lived By My Gun I Came To A River, Called..


Aaron Tippin – There’s A Hero

There’s A Flower In The Smallest Garden Reaching For The Light There’s A Candle In The Darkest Corner Conquering The Night There Is Amazing Strength And A Willing Hand There Are Victories That You’ve Never Planned There’s A Hero In Everybody’s Heart There’s A Fire Inside Of Everybody Burning Clear And Bright There’s A Power..


Burns & Poe – How Long Is Long Enough

Can anybody tell me when I’m gonna feel like me again Cause i’ve never hurt like this before I don’t know the reason why No matter how hard i try I can’t shake this feeling Since he walked out that door So tell me how long, How long is long enough? Tell me when does..


Brooks & Dunn – Proud Of The House We Built

I dropped to my knees in that field on your daddy’s farm Asked you to marry me, all i had to give was my heart While other kids went diving into swimming holes You and me dove off into the great unknown We were barely gettin’ by, takin’ care of each other Then i became..


Sam Hunt – House Party

You’re on the couch, blowing up my phone You don’t want to come out, but you don’t want to be alone It don’t take but two to have a little soirée You’re in the mood to sit tight right where you are, babe Cause i’ll be at your door in ten minutes Whatever you got..