Shania Twain – Party For Two

I’m Having Me A Party, I Don’t Think I Can Come This Ain’t Just Any Kind Of Party, I Think I’ll Stay At Home It’s Gonna Be Really, Really Hot, It’s Starting To Sound Good I’m Gonna Put You On The Spot, Baby, Maybe I Should They’ll Be Lots Of One On One, I Guess..


Toby Keith – Get Drunk And Be Somebody

Yeah The Big Boss Man, He Likes To Crack That Whip I Ain’t Nothing But A Number On His Timecard Slip, I Give Him 40 Hours And A Piece Of My Soul, Puts Me Somewhere At The Bottom Of His Totem Pole, Hell I Don’t Even Think He Knows My Name… (chorus) Well All Week..


Toby Keith – Who’s That Man

Turn Left At The Old Hotel I Know This Boulevard Much Too Well It Hasn’t Changed Since I’ve Been Gone Oh This Used To Be My Way Home They Paved The Road Through The Neighborhood I Guess The County Finally Fixed It Good It Was Gettin’ Rough Someone Finally Complained Enough Fight The Tears Back..


Toby Keith – Whiskey Girl

Don’t My Baby Look Good In Them Blue Jeans Tight On The Top With A Belly Button Ring A Little Tattoo Somewhere In Between She Only Shows To Me Hey, We’re Going Out Dancin’, She’s Ready Tonight So Damn Good-lookin’ Boys, It Ain’t Even Right And When Bartender Says, “for The Lady, What’s It Gonna..


Toby Keith – Made In America

My Old Man’s That Old Man, Spent His Life Livin’ Off The Land, Dirty Hands, And A Clean Soul. It Breaks His Heart Seein’ Foreign Cars, Filled With Fuel That Isn’t Ours And Wearin’ Cotton We Didn’t Grow He’s Got The Red, White, Blue Flyin’ High On The Farm Semper Fi Tattooed On His Left..


Toby Keith – Bullets In The Gun

They Used To Call Me Lightening I Was Always Quick To Strike Had Everything I Own In The Saddles On My Bike I Had A Reputation For Never Staying Very Long Just Like A Wild And Restless Drifter Like A Cowboy In A Song I Met A Darkhaired Beauty Where They Lay The Whiskey Down..


Toby Keith – God Love Her

Just A Girl Born In Dixie Washed In The Blood And Raised On The Banks Of The Mississippi Mud She Always Had A Thing About Falling In Love With A Bad Boy Yeah They Could See It All Coming But Her Daddy Never Dreamed She’d Grow Up That Fast You Know What I Mean The..