Aaron Tippin – Honky Tonk Superman

Well, down at the factory, i’m never late I’m a mild mannered man who pulls his weight I give a hundred percent, i don’t ever stop ’til friday evening when i punch that clock Then i disappear until the weekend’s through And you’ll never guess who i turn into I’m a honky-tonk superman Ready or..


Miranda Lambert – Heart Like Mine

I Ain’t The Kind You Take Home To Mama I Ain’t The Kind To Wear No Ring Somehow I Always Get Stronger When I’m On My Second Drink Even Though I Hate To Admit It Sometimes I Smoke Cigarettes The Christian Folks Say I Should Quit It And I Just Smile And Say “god Bless”..


Taylor Swift – Begin Again

Took a deep breath in the mirror He didn’t like it when i wore high heels, but i do Turned the lock and put my headphones on He always said he didn’t get this song but i do, i do Walked in expecting you’d be late But you got here early And you stand and..


Jessica Simpson – These Boots Are Made For Walkin

Are you ready boots? Start walkin’ Yee haw C’mon Let’s go You keep saying you got something for me (uh) Well officer i don’t mind to say you do Now your looking right where i thought you’d be looking Legs come handy when laws in front of you These boots are made for walkin And..


Miranda Lambert – Me And Charlie Talking

Me And Charlie Boy Used To Go Walkin’ Sittin’ In The Woods Behind My House When Being Lovers Meant A Stolen Kiss And Holding Hands With Nobody Else Around Charlie Said, He Wanted To Get Married But We Were Only Ten So We’d Have To Wait He Said, We’d Never Let Our Love Run Dry..


Miranda Lambert – Famous In A Small Town

They Say Life Is So Much Sweeter Through The Telephoto Lens Of Fame Around Here You Get Just As Much Attention Cheerin’ At The High School Football Game I Dreamed Of Going To Nashville Put My Money Down And Placed My Bet But I Just Got The First Buck Of The Season I Made The..


Toby Keith – When Love Fades

Going Through The Motions Pretending To Be The Man You Used To See In Me Baby You Don’t Want To Hurt Me So You Play Along And It Don’t Feel Right, And It Don’t Feel Wrong It Just Feels Like A Memory Barely Alive When Will We Let It Die Where Do You Run Where..