Bart Crow Band – Broken

The Places I’ve Gone, The Places I’ve Been, Don’t Add Up To Where I Am, It’s A Hell That I’m In, I See Your Face, Everyone Passes By Girl I Need Your Strength To Kill These Ghosts In My Mind Cause I’m Broken And I Can’t Find Myself Yeah I’m Broken, I Can’t Be With..


Carrie Underwood – See You Again

Said goodbye, turned around And you were gone, gone, gone Faded into the setting sun Slipped away But i won’t cry Cause i know i’ll never be lonely For you are the stars to me You are the light i follow I’ll see you again, oh oh This is not where it ends I will..


Toby Keith – Stays In Mexico

His Name Was Steve Her Name Was Gina You’ve Never Been Here Before Have You [spoken] They Met At A Bar Called The Cabo Wabo Cantena He Was An Insurance Salesman From South Dakota She Was A First Grade School Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona No, My First Time Here [spoken] They Started Dancing And It Got..


Maren Morris – I Could Use A Love Song

[verse 1] Usually a drink will do the trick Take the edge off quick, sitting in the dark With a shared cigarette Seeing eye-to-eye, and heart-to-heart But maybe i’m just getting old Used to work but now it don’t A long gone drive You know the kind where you take a turn and you don’t..


Billy Currington – Pretty Good At Drinkin Beer

I Wasn’t Born For Diggin Deep Holes I’m Not Made For Pavin Long Roads I Aint Cut Out To Climb High Line Poles But I’m Pretty Good At Drinkin Beer I’m Not The Type To Work In A Bank I’m No Good At Slappin On Things Don’t Have A Knack For Makin Motors Crank, No..


Wynonna – All Things Considered

There is this older guy That comes around from time to time We’re sure that he fought in the war The war in vietnam Most of what he tells us No one’s verified He swears that he was there The day that brendan behan died He also claims he trained A kid named cassius clay..


Daryle Singletary – Too Much Fun

Blue lights flashing in my rear-view mirror, The sheriff says, “boy i should have known it was you. You’ve got fourteen people in the back of this truck, I’ve warned you twice and now i’m writing you up.” I said, “officer, what have i done?” He smiled and said, “boy, you’re having too much fun.”..