Waylon Jennings – Rainy Day Woman

Oh rainy day woman I’ve never seem to see you for the good times or the sunshine You have been a friend of mine,rainy day woman That woman of mine she ain’t happy Unless she finds something wrong and has someone to blame If it ain’t one thing it’s another one on the way Oh..


Don Gibson – I Can’t Stop Loving You

I can’t stop loving you, so i’ve made up my mind To live in memory of such an old lonesome time. I can’t stop wanting you, it’s useless to say So i’ll just live my life, in dreams of yesterday. Those happy hours that we once knew Though long ago, they still make me blue…


Patti Page – Tennessee Waltz

I was dancing with my darling To the tennessee waltz When an old friend i happened to see I introduced her to my loved one And while they were dancing My friend stole my sweetheart from me I remember the night and the tennessee waltz Now i know just how much i have lost Yes,..


Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire

Love is a burning thing And it makes a fiery ring Bound by wild desire I fell into a ring of fire Chorus: I fell into a burning ring of fire I went down, down, down And the flames went higher And it burns, burns, burns The ring of fire The ring of fire I..


Tammy Wynette – Stand By Your Man

Sometimes it’s hard to be a woman Giving all your love to just one man You have bad times, and you have good times Doing things that you don’t understand But if you love him, you’ll forgive him Even though he’s hard to understand And if you love him, oh be proud of him ’cause..


Don Gibson – Oh, Lonesome Me

Everybody’s going out and having fun I’m just a fool for staying home and having none I can’t get over how she set set me free, oh, lonesome me! A bad mistake i’m making by just hanging round I know that i should have some fun and paint the town A lovesick fool is blind..


Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind

Maybe i didn’t love you Quite as often as i could have Maybe i didn’t treat you Quite as good as i should have If i made you feel second best Girl i’m sorry i was blind You were always on my mind You were always on my mind And maybe i didn’t hold you..