Johnny Horton – North To Alaska

(tillman franks) Chorus: Way up north to alaska, way up north to alaska North to alaska, goin’ north, the rush is on. North to alaska, goin’ north, the rush is on. Big sam left seattle in the year of ninety-two With george pratt his partner, and brother billy too They crossed the yukon river and..


Juice Newton – The Sweetest Thing

When i see you in the morning with the sleep still in your eyes, I remember all the laughter and the tears we shared last night. And as we lie here, just two shadows in the light before the dawn, The sweetest thing i’ve ever known is loving you. Chorus: And i have never been..


Brooks And Dunn – Put A Girl In It

You Can Buy You A Brand New Truck Chrome It All Out, Jack It Way Up You Can Build You A House Way High On A Hill With A Pool And A Pond And A View To Kill You Can Make All The Money In Sight But You Ain’t Livin’ A Good Life. ‘Til You..


Trace Adkins – (this Ain’t) No Thinkin’ Thing

(Tim Nichols/Mark D. Sanders) I been thinkin’ ’bout our love situation All this attraction in the present tense I’ve reached the only logical conclusion Love ain’t supposed to make sense This ain’t no thinkin’ thing, right brain, left brain It goes a little deeper than that It’s a chemical, physical, emotional devotion Passion that we..


Corey Smith – Love Is No Excuse

Love is no excuse for what we’re doin’ For we both know that’s two hearts could break We tell ourselves we’ve got to have each other But love is no excuse for us to make. Sure we love each other and it could be so right But not if someone else has got to pay..


Toby Keith – Trailerhood

My Neighbor Carl, He Lives Next Door Pink Flamingos On His Porch At Night He Teaches Driving School And He Sits Out By His Plastic Pool He Takes Off His Shirt He Opens Up A Cold One Old Carls Deans A Fool But It Takes One To Know One [chorus:] Musics Playin Up And Down..


Brooks And Dunn – Cowgirls Don T Cry

Her Daddy Gave Her, Her First Pony Then Taught Her To Ride She Climbed High In That Saddle Fell, I Don T Know How Many Times Taught Her A Lesson That She Learned Maybe A Little Too Well. Cowgirls Don T Cry Ride, Baby, Ride Lessons In Life Are Going To Show You In Time..