Brooks & Dunn – That’s What It’s All About

Well, you work and you slave And you spend all day in your thankless job You jump in your ford and you’re Door to door with a homebound mob Then you pull in the drive and you hit the chair And the one you love is waitin’ there. Hey, that’s what it’s all about Hey,..


Bruce Springsteen – Streets Of Philadelphia

I was bruised and battered and I couldn’t tell what I felt I was unrecognizable to myself I saw my reflection in a window I didn’t know my own face Oh brother are you gonna leave me Wastin’ away On the streets of Philadelphia I walked the avenue till my legs felt like stone I..


Kellie Pickler – Stop Cheatin On Me

Now Baby We Used To Have Something Special But Lately You’ve Been Ignoring All The Rules Now You Think That I Don’t Know What You’re Doing You’ve Been Running Around And Making Me A Fool (Chorus) Stop Cheatin’ On Me It Ain’t That Hard To Do Stop Cheatin’ On Me Or I’ll Start Cheatin’ On..


Ray Price – For The Good Times

Don’t look so sad I know it’s over But life goes on And this old world Will keep on turning Let’s just be glad We had some time to spend together There’s no need to watch the bridges That we’re burning Lay your head, Upon my pillow Hold your warm and tender body Close to..


Tim McGraw – Dont Take The Girl

Johnny’s Daddy Was Takin Him Fishing When He Was Eight Years Old. A Little Girl Came Through The Front Gate Holdin A Fishing Pole His Dad Looked Down And Smiled Said We Can’t Leave Her Behind Son I Know You Don’t Want Her To Go But Someday You’ll Change Your Mind And Johnny Said Take..


Brenda Lee – Johnny One Time

So he told you that you’re the dream that he’s been searching for And he told you he’s never met someone like you before And i can hear him telling you, your lips taste just like cherry wine But did he tell you that he’s known as johnny one time. Did he tell you that..


Clint Black – No Time To Kill

There’s no time to kill between the cradle and the grave. Father time still takes a toll on every minute that you save. Legal tender’s never gonna change the number of your days. The highest cost of livin’ is dying, that’s one everybody pays. So have it spent before you get the bill, there’s no..