Brett Eldredge – Just A Taste

All i could do is try to drink you in And do my best to soak up all that sugar from your skin Then you had to go and kiss me You made me fall a bit little harder, and then said “you’re gonna have to miss me” Oh, what do you gotta do that..


Brett Eldredge – Fire

You look good in the palms of my hand Watch the light ’round your feet just dance Feel your sweat pressed against my skin Girl, you’re fire, you’re fire Take the breath right outta my chest Burn me down ’til there ain’t nothin’ left Keep on doing what you do best Girl, you’re fire, you’re..


Brett Eldredge – It Ain’t Gotta Be Love

Can i bum a light from you baby? If you let me i’ll buy you a round Sure is packed, is that seat taken? Do you mind if i sit down? I see you tappin’ your foot there baby, So you like that song? Well it happens to be one of my favorites, Do you..


Brett Eldredge – Mean To Me

If i could be the reason your hair’s a mess The bass drum beating way down deep in your chest If i could be the voice on your radio Then i could be your long ride home If mine could be the name that changes yours The wine in your glass, the swing on your..


Juice Newton – Adios Mi Corazon

Lost in this small hotel Somewhere south of the border Trying to sleep through the heat Of a mexican night Somehow the words i once had So easily mastered Left me like you did With nothing to say Puedes traerme tu amor Adiós mi corazón how i love you Puedes traerme tu amor Adiós mi..


Juice Newton – Love’s Been A Little Bit Hard On Me

I’ve got nothing to be ashamed of Love’s been a little bit hard on me If i shy away it’s only because Love’s been a little bit hard on me (love’s been a little) Oh, love’s been a little (love’s been a little bit hard on me) (love’s been a little) You know just been..


Juice Newton – Say You’ll Be Mine

I don’t wanna be the one To let you get away I’m not gonna play around And wait for that mistake I’m gonna be the first in line To claim your heart as mine And treat you right I don’t wanna go if you’re not going by my side I don’t wanna live another day..