Brooks & Dunn – Only In America

Sun comin’ up over new york city School bus driver in a traffic jam Starin’ at the faces in her rear view mirror Lookin’ at the promise of the promised land. One kid dreams of fame and fortune One kid helps pay the rent One could end up goin’ to prison One just might be..


Dixie Chicks – Sin Wagon

He pushed me ’round Now i’m drawin’ the line He lived his life Now i’m gonna go live mine I’m sick of wastin’ my time Well now i’ve been good for way too long Found my red dress and i’m gonna throw it on ’bout to get too far gone Praise the lord and pass..


Gretchen Wilson – Grandma

Grandma’s turning 92 That’s a lot of years ahead of you So, listen close to what i say ’cause grandma’s feeling old today She said i can’t believe i’m sitting here As old as i am Never been stoned I’ve waited too damn long So, bring it on Grandma’s gonna fly So, i rolled it..


Cyndi Thomson – I’m Gone

One more time Yeah that’s what i said Back a couple times ago Thank you Kindly for reminding me I’m good to go I’m gone And i’m takin’ all my good stuff Gone, gone You’ll never get it back I’m gone, gone Been a long time comin’ Bet your gonna miss me Bet your gonna..


The Band Perry – All Your Life

Would You Walk To The Edge Of The Ocean Just To Fill My Jar With Sand Just In Case I Get The Notion To Let It Run Through My Hand Let It Run Through My Hand Well, I Don’t Want The Whole World The Sun, The Moon, And All Their Light I Just Want To..


Marty Stuart – Ghost Train Four Oh Ten

Think I’ll Go Down To The Depot, Those Trains Don’t Run No More. Take A Ticket And Start Walkin’, Down To The Old Gulf Shore. I’m Lookin’ For A Train, That Runs Silent With The Wind. Haulin’ Satchels Back From Nowhere, Ghost Train Four O Ten! Big Money Took My Cotton, Left Me Busted Down..


Alan Jackson – Gone Crazy

Here i am alone again tonight In this old empty house It’s hard to learn what you don’t think you need That you can’t live without Never leave the sound of the telephone But ever since you left i’ve been gone. Gone crazy Goin’ out of my mind I’ve asked myself the reasons At least..