The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Lovers River

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When the roll is called up yonder fiddle music

The Uncle Bill Roach Band: Lovers River Lyrics

On That River, My Grandfather Wed The Big Chief’s Lovely Daughter
He Gave A Hundred Horses To Claim Her As His Bride
They Raised A Mighty Family, The Pride Of All The Cherokee
When He Died, She Lay Down By His Side

Tsunadagaya Uweyu, Where Silver Waters Flow
Some Call It Lover’s River, Some Call It The Buffalo
Tsunadagaya Uweyu, That’s Where I Love To Go
Some Call It Lover’s River, Some Call It The Buffalo

From The Caves On The Hillside Come The Blowin’ Of The Buffalo
Coming From That Country That The White Man Never Found
The Breezes In The Valley Are The Voices Of Their Loved Ones
Coming From The Happy Hunting Ground


Shining Stars In Clear Waters Are The Eyes Of True Lovers
They Gaze Into Our Faces As We Look Into Their Eyes
When Their Spirits Touch Each Other, Their Eyes Begin To Twinkle
Casting Their Reflections In The Skies


The World Gate Never Closes To That Mystic Happy Hunting Ground
To Loyal Faithful Lovers, Whose Hearts Are Brave And True
Tsunadagaya Uweyu Will Take You To That Country
Gliding In The Soul Of Your Canoe

Song lyrics for Lovers River by The Uncle Bill Roach Band. You can sing while listening to the song Lovers River performed by The Uncle Bill Roach Band.