Tim Mcgraw – Humble And Kind

You know there’s a light that glows by the front door Don’t forget the keys under the mat Childhood stars shine, always stay humble and kind Go to church cause your momma says too Visit grandpa every chance that you can It won’t be a waste of time Always stay humble and kind Hold the..


Dustin Lynch – Wild In Your Smile

Hey girl what’s up, looks like you’re good to go Hop in, let’s ride, take it down this road You couldn’t look any hotter Reach on back and grab a bottle Girl, let’s get this party started You look just like a little angel, baby But i know you love a little danger, baby Everything..


Dustin Lynch – Waiting

She waited for the light to turn green on me and her She waited for me to speak those three little words I dragged out a promise that i never made good She waited as long as she could And now i’m sitting on the couch Whiskey in my hand Staring out the window For..


Dustin Lynch – Rock You Sweet

Just holding your hand, while the sea breeze blows And the waves roll in, swaying those boats Girl it makes me think I’d like to rock you sweet Up ahead on the dock there’s a little jam band It’s not a far walk if you want to dance In your bare feet And i could..


Dustin Lynch – Cowboys And Angels

There’s a want, and there’s a need There’s a history between Girls like her and guys like me Cowboys and angels I’ve got boots, and she’s got wings I’m hell on wheels, and she’s heavenly I’d die for her, and she lives for me Cowboys and angels We ride side by side A cloud of..


Jon Pardi – She Ain’t In It

Appreciate your call, means a lot and all Yeah, i got a minute You and me can talk about anything you want As long as she ain’t in it Say, it’s been at least a month since i’ve had any fun Buddy, i’ll admit it Yeah, i might be going out Think i’m ready for..


Little Big Town – You’re Gonna Love Me

You’re gonna love me, baby You’re gonna wake up in another life There will be tears, baby And i won’t be around to see you cry Yeah, when you’re heart is sober Yeah, when the pieces all fall into place Yeah, when the light comes on And it’s far too late You’re gonna love me,..