Brooks & Dunn – You Can’t Take The Honky Tonk Out Of The Girl

Connie came back for her second cousin’s wedding First time she’d been home in a year or two Just in time for the rehersal dinner That crazy connie wasn’t wearin’ any shoes Yea, she lives in l.a, she flies to new york city That woman’s been around the world You can take the girl out..


Jason Aldean – Why

It’s 3 Am And I Finally Say I’m Sorry For Acting That Way I Didn’t Really Mean To Make You Cry Oh Baby, Sometimes I Wonder Why Chorus Does It Always Have To Come Down To You Leaving Before I’ll Say “i Love You” Why Do I Always Use The Words That Cut The Deepest..


Randy Rogers Band – Kiss Me In The Dark

Sailor Sail, Cowboys Ride, Lovers Love When They Get The Chance Take It Slow, Turn Down The Light, Soft And Low, Let The Shadows Dance Baby, Dont Hold Back Chorus: Kiss Me In The Dark, Roll Me Through The Night Hold Me Like You’ll Never Let Me Go Hit Me With Your Heart, Till The..