Chris Stapleton – Whiskey And You

[verse 1] There’s a bottle on the dresser by your ring And it’s empty so right now i don’t feel a thing And i’ll be hurting when i wake up on the floor But i’ll be over it by noon That’s the difference between whiskey and you Come tomorrow, i can walk in any store..


Chris Stapleton – Tennessee Whiskey

Used to spend my nights out in a barroom Liquor was the only love i’ve known But you rescued me from reachin’ for the bottom And brought me back from being too far gone You’re as smooth as tennessee whiskey You’re as sweet as strawberry wine You’re as warm as a glass of brandy And..


Maren Morris – Once

[verse 1] Darling, please, we were too gone to stay Couldn’t get through the night, so we had to call it a day The words came out; they couldn’t be erased Saw the pain in your eyes, and i knew everything had changed [pre-chorus] I’m a traitor, i’m the cause I’m the breaker of your..


Maren Morris – I Wish I Was

[verse 1] On paper we go together I know that we look the part But almost never hangs on forever I know i’m breaking your heart [pre-chorus 1] So go on, say what you want to I’m not gonna stop you You can blame it all on me [chorus] I’m not the hero in the..


Maren Morris – Rich

If i had a dollar every time that i swore you off And a twenty every time that i picked up when you called And a crisp new benjamin for when you’re here then gone again And a dollar every time i was right about you after all Boy i’d be rich, head to toe..


Tim Mcgraw – Losin’ You

You’re in the blue breeze blowin’ Across the sugar white sand And the roar of the wheels When i’m tryin’ to land In a hank williams tune And a coltrane song In the dead of the night And at the break of dawn It never gets old And it’s always new Everywhere i go I..


Tim Mcgraw – I Will Not Fall Down

No one wants to think about getting older, They try to push you out before it’s over; The same world that lifts you up can put you in your place. What they call progress will never wait for me And i should probably just go out quietly, But i’ve still got something left, something left..