Toby Keith – Who’s Your Daddy?

Here You Come Knockin’ On My Door Baby Tell Me What You Got On Your Mind I Guess Those College Boys All Went Home For The Summertime And You’re Lookin’ Right, Lookin’ Good, Lookin’ Like A Woman Should So Why Is It So Hard To Find A Place To Lay Your Pretty Little Head Down […]


Redneck Woman – When It Rains

Chorus: When it rains i pour a couple more rounds ’til the hurtin’ and the heartache start to drown I turn out the light, i turn up dwight And i lock my door when it rains When it rains i pour When life ain’t going my way And i can’t take one more day of […]


Redneck Woman – Homewrecker

Well you’re a real hot cookie with your new hairdo Your high heel boots and your credit card Long legs and a mini skirt Yeah you know what works and you work it hard You smile like such a lady, innocent and sweet You drive the men folk crazy, but any girl can see You’re […]


David Lee Murphy – Just Once

A man can’t look at a woman too long Who looks like you without having thoughts Run through his head and straight past his heart Well i might not stand a ghost of a chance You’re a one man woman not a one night stand You’re not the kind to let it go that far […]