Brad Paisley – Too Lazy To Work Too Nervous To Steal

Well i met you in the middle of a bar room fight In a cheap hotel on the missouri side I had you out in my car in the parking lot Early next morning we were driving east Headed for the big city where i felt at least We could enjoy the weather as long..


Chris Cagle – Miss Me Baby

Miss me baby When you hear our favorite song, Miss me baby And when you start to sing along Think about all the times that we danced In moonlight to it all night long, oh Then miss me baby. Want me honey, Like you did the night you told me that you loved me We..


Jerrod Niemann – Lover Lover

Well the truth, well it hurts to say I’m gonna pack up my bags and I’m gonna go away I’m gonna split, I can’t stand it I’m gonna give it up and quit and aint never coming back Girl but before I get to going, I’ve got to say, I know you used to love..


Carrie Underwood – Get Out Of This Town

Got It All Figured Out Inside Of My Head There’s A Bag Packed Up At The Foot Of My Bed You Say The Word, Baby I’m All Set We’ll Cover Our Tracks Tell A Couple White Lies Make Sure We Got A Good Alibi And By The Time They Catch On We’ll Be Outta There..


Brenda Lee – Silver Threads And Golden Needles

I don’t want your golden mansion With your tear in every room All i want is the love you promise Beneath the halo moon. And you think i could be happy With your money and your name And hide myself in sorrow While you play your cheating games. Silver threads and golden needles Cannot mend..


Miranda Lambert – New Strings

I Bet This Road Wil Take Me Out Of Here Take Me Far Away From Amarillo I Bet This Car Will Go Real Fast The Wheels Might Even Drive Me Past The Places That You Said I’d Never Go, Oh The Texas Sky Is The Biggest One I’ve Ever Seen But It Still Ain’t Big..


Easton Corbin – Roll With It

I Got My Old Guitar And Some Fishin Poles So Baby Fill That Cooler Full Of Something Cold Don’t Ask Just Pack And We’ll Hit The Road Runnin Honey What Do You Say I Got Just Enough Money And Just Enough Gas So Pick A Place On The Map We Can Get To Fast Where..