Shenandoah – The Church On Cumberland Road

Just about a mile off of 109 There’s a little church sittin’ back in the pines I promised that girl she was gonna be mine I wouldn’t be surprised if she was standin’ there cryin’ Chorus: Wo-ah, i didn’t know this bored-out ford could go so slow Wo-ah, you got to put your foot down..


Shenandoah – Two Dozen Roses

I brought flowers to your door last night I done you wrong and i want to make it right You said i’m not welcome here I know it ought to be perfectly clear But i can’t help, but wonder what it might be like If i had two dozen roses and an old bottle of..


Shenandoah – I Wanna Be Loved Like That

Natalie wood gave her heart to james dean The high school rebel and the teenage queen Standin together in an angry world One boy fightin for one girl. Chorus: I wanna be loved like that, i wanna be loved like that A promise you can’t take back If you’re gonna love me I wanna be..


Shenandoah – If Bubba Can Dance (

Well, he saw it on t.v And ordered that video He learned every step at home And never told a soul When i saw him out there the very first time, i knew Well, if bubba can dance Well, i can too Well if bubba can scoot Bubba can slide Bubba can two-step And bubba..