Darius Rucker – Together Anything’s Possible

Woke up to a beautiful sun shining brightly in the east Want to have it shine on everyone the way it’s shining on me We got such a long way to go and we got so much to do But i made a promise to myself i’d be right here for you I feel the..


Darius Rucker – Alright

Alright, alright Yeah, it’s alright, alright Don’t need no five star reservations I got spaghetti and a cheap bottle of wine Don’t need no concert in the city I got a stereo and the ‘best of patsy cline’ Ain’t got no caviar, no dom perignon But as far as i can see i got everything..


Darius Rucker – Come Back Song

I Woke Up Again This Morning And Wouldn’t You Know It… Pouring Rain I Went And Burned A Pot Of Coffee And Like That I Poured It Down The Drain ‘Cause I Didn’t Know I Needed You So And Letting You Go Was Wrong And Baby I Know You Got Your Radio On So This..


Darius Rucker – Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It

I left out in a cloud, Of taillights and dust. Swore i wasn’t comin back, Said i’ve had enough. Saw you in the rearview standin, Fadin from my life. But i wasn’t turnin round, No not this time. (chorus) Don’t think i don’t think about it. Don’t think i don’t have regrets. Don’t think it..