Adam Harvey – Better Than This

Six In The Morning I’m Already Late The Boss’ll Be Screaming We All Have Our Days But I Learned Long Ago To Take It All In My Stride This Crazy Life Is There For The Takin Is No Mistaken Its What You Make Of It And Its All Up To You So While Im Alive..


Adam Harvey – I’m Doin’ Alright

I Know I’d Rather Be A Millionaire But I Just Dont Care I’m Doin Alright Cause I Know That You Are A Lifelong Friend And The Good Times We Spend Money Can’t Buy Business Suits Go Well With New Car Leather Seats And Believin In All Work And No Play Cause Livin Your Life In..


Adam Harvey – Genie In The Bottle

The genie in the bottom of the jim beam bottle Made me do what i didn’t wanna do I made a wish with the genie but the genie was a meany And he didn’t make my wish come true I was hoping he would make your memory go away But i’m still thinking of you..


Adam Harvey – Easy

I Know It Sounds Funny But I Just Can’t Stand The Pain Girl I’m Leaving You Tomorrow Seems To Me Girl You Know I’ve Done All I Can You See I Beg, Stole, And I Borrowed Yeah! That’s Why I’m Easy I’m Easy Like Sunday Morning It’s Why I’m Easy Easy Like Sunday Morning I..


Adam Harvey – Stuck In The Middle

Well I Don’t Know Why I Came Here Tonight I Got The Feeling That Something Ain’t Right I’m So Scared In Case I Fall Off My Chair And I’m Wondering How I’ll Get Down The Stairs Clowns To The Left Of Me Jokers To The Right Here I Am Stuck In The Middle With You…


Adam Harvey – The Shake Of A Hand

Today Grandad Came By The Office Amazed At All The Papers That I Sign I Told Him Thats How We Do Business Just A Product Of These Modden(?) Times He Shook His Head And Then Said I Dont Understand How All These Deals Are Done It Just Dont Make No Sense To Me To Deal..


Adam Harvey – Falling Into Place

Makin’ Stops Down In Houston, Atlanta, Vegas We Makin’ Money Money Never Make Us Gotta Gig 9:30 At This Club Called Boneshakers And Imma Drop When I Took It Far As I Could Take Us The Ringin’ In My Head Is Makin’ Me Confused How Come The Games We Play We Always Lose? How Come..