Statler Brothers – The Ten Commandments

Moses led god’s children out To find the promised land And on the way he stopped each day And looked to heaven and. Asked god for help as he Could not withstand the task alone And then one day he looked away And thereby lay a stone. God said write upon this stone These words..


Taylor Swift – Bad Blood

’cause baby, now we got bad blood You know it used to be mad love So take a look what you’ve done ’cause baby, now we got bad blood, hey! [verse 1 – kendrick lamar:] Hey! i can’t take it back, look where i’m at! We was on d like doc, remember that? (remember that)..


Craig Morgan – This Ole Boy

She Got Her Smile On, Dog’on Nothing In The World’s Wrong Rolling Down A Country Road She’s My Shotgun Rider I’m The Lucky Dog Beside Her My Lips Are Where Her Kisses Go She Loves When We Go To The River And Get In The Water And Buddy She Is Hotter Than South Georgia In..


Sonny James – Running Bear

I’m running running from heartbreak I haven’t been running long still it seems like year One night very soon i know heartbreak will catch me sleeping and so When i wake up my pillow will be wet with tears I’m running running from memories Memories so sweet i must leave them all behind One day..


Chuck Wicks – If We Loved

The prisons are empty The homeless have houses Nobody’s hungry Nobody’s poor Nobody’s judged by their faith or their color Nobody’s wrong in this world without war We buried our swords We don’t fight anymore You can’t imagine all the mountains we’d move if we loved If we loved a little harder Yea, there’s no..


Bobbie Cryner – Daddy Laid The Blues On Me

Well, way back in their younger days, when they were running wild, my daddy had a dream, and momma had a child. he said: “girl you can’t be tying me down, i’m only seventeen. “an’ a man’s gotta get around, if you know what i mean.” then my momma said: “go on,” as she stood..


Sugarland – Joey

What If I Said Yes What If I’d Gone Out That Night What If You’d Turned Left Everything Would’ve Turned Out Alright What If I’d Spoke Up What’d If I’d Took The Keys What If I Had Tried A Little Harder Instead Of Always Trying To Please Joey I’m So Sorry Ohh Can You Hear..