Alabama – How Do You Fall In Love

How Do You Fall In Love When Do You Say “i Do” When Is The Perfect Time To Spend The Rest Of Your Life Now Seasons May Come And Go Sometimes It Rains And Snows And There Will Be Highs And Lows So Only You Will Know. You Never Know Just Where It Will Find..


Juice Newton – Can’t Wait All Night

I’ve got a secret in my heart I’ve been holdin’ for some time But if i let the fire start Would it be outta line I guess there’s nothin’ left to say I just wanna make you mine Don’t let a good thing get away Come on and make up your mind Yeah, give me..


Chad Brownlee – Another Now

Minute Are Like Water They Slip Right Through Your Fingers As We Go Running Here And There At The Speed Of Life A World Of Good Intentions Gets Brushed Off In An Instant Why Does It Take A Mountain To Make Us Realize That All We’re Really Given In This Life Is Now This Moment..


George Jones – He Stopped Loving Her Today

He said i’ll love you ’til i die She told him you’ll forget in time As the years went slowly by She still preyed upon his mind. He kept her picture on his wall Went half crazy now and then He still loved her through it all Hoping she’d come back again. Found love letters..


George Strait – Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind

(sanger d.shafer – darlene shafer) Cold fort worth beer just ain’t no good for jealous I try it night after night You’re in someone else’s arms in dallas. Does fort worth ever cross your mind? Darlin’, while you’re busy burning bridges, Burn one for me if you get time. ’cause good memories don’t fade so..


Shania Twain – Ka-ching!

We Live In A Greedy Little World That Teaches Every Little Boy And Girl To Earn As Much As They Can Possibly Then Turn Around And Spend It Foolishly We’ve Created Us A Credit Card Mess We Spend The Money We Don’t Possess Our Religion Is To Go And Blow It All So It’s Shoppin’..


Brantley Gilbert – You Don’t Know Her Like I Do

Hey ole friend, thanks for callin’ It’s good to know somebody cares Yeah she’s gone, but i don’t feel like talkin’ Might be just too much to bear To hear somebody say it stops hurting Or to hear somebody say she ain’t worth it You don’t know her like i do You’ll never understand You..