Blake Sheton – Sangria

You’re crashing into me like waves on the coast Every time we talk, you move in close I don’t want you to stop, i don’t want you to stop tonight We’ve got the last two glasses on a straw hood bar Trying to remember what number we are String of white lights making your eyes..


Allison Moorer – Set You Free

I found your bag this morning Did you pack it by yourself? If you would’ve asked me I’d have given you some help I hate to disappoint you But i had a hunch You would soon be leaving So i beat you to the punch I’ll tell you a secret, baby I let go first..


Josh Turner – Why DonT We Just Dance

Baby Why Don’t We Just Turn That Tv Off Three Hundred Fifteen Channels Of Nothing But Bad News On Well It Might Be Me But The Way I See It The Whole Wide World Has Gone Crazy So Baby Why Don’t We Just Dance Guess The Little Bitty Living Room Aint Gonna Look Like Much..


Dierks Bentley – Up On The Ridge

Let’s Blow Out These City Lights Let’s Just Leave It All Behind Get Up Where The Air Is Still You Can Hear The Whippoorwill Start A Fire Pass The Shine Wont Be Home ’till Mornin’ Time Shout Your Name Out In The Wind Confess My Love For You Again Give You All I Got To..


Brooks & Dunn – Building Bridges

Since you’ve gone, my heart said something’s wrong. How long can this keep goin’ on? I’m still blue over losin’ you. What else am i gonna do? I’m buildin’ bridges straight to your heart, An’ all of this distance won’t keep us apart, Won’t keep us apart. Talk to me, talk to me about sympathy…


Toby Keith – A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action

I Was Getting Kinda Tired Of Her Endless Chatter Nothing I Could Say Ever Seemed To Matter So I Took A Little Drive Just To Clear My Head I Saw A Flashing Neon Up Ahead It Looked Like A Place To Find Some Satisfaction With A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action I..


Conway Twitty – Hello Darlin

Hello darlin’ Nice to see you It’s been a long time You’re just as lovely As you used to be. How’s your new love Are you happy Hope your doin’ fine Just to know it Means so much to me. What’s that darlin’ How am i doin’ Guess i’m doin’ alright Except i cant sleep..