Brooks And Dunn – Brooks an Honky Tonk Stomp

Man, Standin’ On A Band Stand, Band Standin’ Bendin’ And Bangin’ Them Strings. Eye Candy Shakin’ On A Dance Floor, Sayin’ “Play Me One More,” Makin’ A Scene. Cowboy Camped On A Bar Stool, Shootin’ Double Whiskey With A Longneck Back, And Billy With A Pool Cue Starring Down An Eight Ball, Lookin’ At Kelly..


Alabama – (there’s A) Fire In The Night

Running scared Wonderin’ what i’m doin’ so far from home Beginnin’ not to care that i was so alone Then my eyes met hers and without one word I could tell what was gonna happen I could feel it in my bones. By the dark of the moon There’s a fire in the night She..


Zac Brown Band – Chicken Fried

You Know I Like My Chicken Fried, And Cold Beer On A Friday Night, A Pair Of Jeans That Fit Just Right, And The Radio Up. Well I Was Raised Up Beneath The Shade Of A Georgia Pine, And That’s Home, Ya Know? Sweet Tea, Pecan Pie, And Homemade Wine, Where The Peaches Grow. And..


Shawn Mullins – Lonesome I Know You Too Well (

It’s 3 am and the snakes have moved in, I’m playing to 4 drunks and me, But the beer is cold and the memory’s old And the lights are so bright i can’t see And lonesome i know you too well, You ring in my ears, just like a bell, And you’re hollow, like a..


Casey James – Lets Dont Call It A Night

Love The Way You Look In That Dress You’ve Got Me Thinkin’ Thoughts In My Head The Way Your Body’s Movin’ Slowly To The Music Only Leaves Me Wantin’ More Chorus: So Baby Let’s Don’t Call It A Night Love The Way You’re Holdin’ Me Tight. When You’re Next To Me, There’s No Place I’d..


Sara Evans – A Little Bit Stronger

Woke Up Late Today, And I Could Still Feel The Sting Of The Pain, But I Brushed My Teeth Anyway Got Dressed Through The Mess And Put A Smile On My Face I Got A Little Bit Stronger. Riding In The Car To Work, And I Try To Ignore The Hurt, So I Turned On..


Ryan Bingham – Country Roads

Do You Really Think You Know, Exactly Where I Stand, Or Did I Just Let You Down, When You Found Out I Was Just A Poor Man, I Might Of Took A Few Wrong Turns, Down A Few Wrong Roads, Wound Up In A Few Wrong Towns, Where Nobody Cares Or Goes. It Ain’t That..