Marty Stuart – Hard Working Man

What Will Become Of The Working Man, With Honest Sweat On His Brow Is The Nation That Raised Him To Build It, Gonna Turn Its Back On Him Now Take Away His Pride And Dignity, Give His Job To Some Foreign Land Here’s A Question That Needs A Straight Answer What Will Become Of The..


Ronnie Milsap – I Love New Orleans Music

Well, i’ve never been to new orleans I don’t even know what creole means But oh, i love the way they play and sing Down in the land of the voodoo queen. Oh, i love new orleans music Dixieland sweet jelly roll Oh, i love new orleans music I love it down to my soul…


Reba Mcentire – Glad I Waited Just For You

Use to be (use to be) Love was mean to me Every love i tried my heart cried that won’t do Now you see (now you see) Love’s been good to me i guess my love was waiting just for you You and me (you and me) (you and me) Go so well as we..


Sugarland – Keep You

We Said Goodbye. Tried Our Hand At Magic. But We Couldn’t Make Us Disappear. Not A Day Goes By I Don’t Wish I Had You. So In A Way I’m Glad You’re Still Here. It’s A Bitter Sweet Victory. Lovin’ The Ghost In Front Of Me. Now I Can’t Laugh, Can’t Cry. And I Can’t..


Shenandoah – If Bubba Can Dance (

Well, he saw it on t.v And ordered that video He learned every step at home And never told a soul When i saw him out there the very first time, i knew Well, if bubba can dance Well, i can too Well if bubba can scoot Bubba can slide Bubba can two-step And bubba..


Brooks & Dunn – Put A Girl In It

You can buy you a brand new truck Chrome it all out, jack it way up You can build you a house way high on a hill With a pool and a pond and a view to kill You can make all the money in sight But you ain’t livin’ a good life. ’til you..


Maren Morris – All That It Takes

It’s funny how the way You make me feel Boy when you’re near me I know that it’s real You make me feel warm You make me feel safe Lyin’ here with you It’s all that it takes, yeah It’s all that it takes, yeah I’ve never felt like this before Not sure on too..