Brooks & Dunn – My Maria

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Brooks & Dunn - My Maria (Official Video)

Brooks & Dunn: My Maria Lyrics

My maria, don’t you know i have come a long, long way?
I been longing to see her;
When she’s around she take my blues away.
Sweet maria, the sunlight surely hurts my eyes.
I’m a lonely dreamer on a highway in the sky.

(oh maria, i love you girl, oh my maria.)
(oh maria, i love you girl, maria i love you.)

My maria, there were some blue and sorrow times.
Just my thoughts about you bring back my peace of mind.
Gypsy lady, you’re a miracle worker for me.
You set my soul free like a ship sailin’ on the sea.
She is the sunlight when the skies are gray.
She treats me so right. lady, take me away.

(repeat chorus until fade)

Song lyrics for My Maria by Brooks & Dunn. You can sing while listening to the song My Maria performed by Brooks & Dunn.