Reba Mcentire – Indelibly Blue

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Reba Mcentire: Indelibly Blue Lyrics

Lost in the city
Deserted and cold
Watching the cars passing by
There all going places
That we used to go
And it’s driving me out of my mind

And it’s making me blue
Indelibly blue
I can’t erase the memories of me and you
Indelibly blue

They say when one love is ended
Another is born
That’s no consolation to me
Just show me some sunlight
A rose without thorns
And maybe i’ll start to believe

Repeat chorus
(well just color me blue)

Oh all my life
I’ve waited for one love to make it alright
But now i feel heartaches and tears
Of a sad souvenirs that you left me
Since you left me
I’ll just go on a day at a time
Trying in vain to forget you
But time and again you enter my mind
Someday i swear i won’t let you

Repeat chorus
(cause baby i’m blue)

Repeat chorus
(so just color me blue)

Song lyrics for Indelibly Blue by Reba Mcentire. You can sing while listening to the song Indelibly Blue performed by Reba Mcentire.