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Country music has come a long way since its early days. Unlike some of the artists of today who are playing to large scale stadiums and concert festivals, the origins of country music fall in American folk music, Western and blues.

Some of the earliest examples of real country music began in the 1920s in the southern United States. In most cases country music usually falls into the categories of ballads, dancing tunes or even borderline folk or rock ‘n roll. Generally it’s created using acoustic guitars, electric guitars, fiddles harmonicas and banjos.

Some of the first country superstars began out of the Atlanta music scene. In the early 1920s there were a variety of Appalachian people who came into Atlanta to work at some of the massive cotton mills, with their labor they also brought their music which would continue to be performed in small performance all is as well as be recorded in several small studios up until the 1950s. These first generations of country music would refine themselves into Western music, which are the cowboy songs we generally hear in early country, bluegrass music and honky-tonk music. It wasn’t until the third generation of country musicians that we started to see styles similar to Elvis Presley’s country music, and Johnny Cash’s rockabilly style. Some of these country songs and country lyrics from the 1950s and 60s are still some of the most treasured songs and country artists today.

Country Music Today

Today’s country scene is more vibrant than ever before. In today’s digital age it’s much easier for country artists to display their talents online and to showcase a number of country music videos. On this website you will find a variety of country music videos, country lyrics, country songs and resources to find out more about all of your favorite country artists and to discover new music.

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Cyndi Thomson – Things I Would Do

Things i would do Apolgize Bite my tongue Swallow my pride Just shut up Change my tune Clip my wings Take it back Everything Things i would do just to have you back again I’d single handly prove to you that i can Fight for you, cry for you, i’d live and die for you […]


Cyndi Thomson – I’m Gone

One more time Yeah that’s what i said Back a couple times ago Thank you Kindly for reminding me I’m good to go I’m gone And i’m takin’ all my good stuff Gone, gone You’ll never get it back I’m gone, gone Been a long time comin’ Bet your gonna miss me Bet your gonna […]


Cyndi Thomson – If You Were Mine

If you were mine I would celebrate like Everyday was christmas If you were mine I would love you like It’s nobody’s business I would give you everything i had I would treat you right I would make you laugh Baby i would smile forever If you were mine If you were mine Baby every […]


Cyndi Thomson – What I Really Meant To Say

It took me by surprise When i saw you standing there Close enough to touch Breathing the same air You asked me how i’d been I guess that’s when i smiled and said, just fine Oh, but baby i was lying What i really meant to say Is i’m dying here inside And i miss […]


Cyndi Thomson – Hope You’re Doing Fine

The arizona the sun Looks like a ruby in the sky And when the desert wind Blows like a friend It’s enough to make you high Here i am so far away From eastern standard time But i miss you babe I hope you’re doin’ fine I hope you’re doin’ fine Well i found a […]


Cyndi Thomson – If You Could Only See

You come home uncompleted Down and defeted feeling all alone You think your dreams are passing by you And deep down inside you you’re running out of hope If you could only see what i see You’d see the man that you wish you could be If you could only see what i see in […]


Cyndi Thomson – My World

La, la, la, la, la, la La, la, la My world is one long Hot day in georgia ’til the moon shines through the pines And my world is sweet as the honeysuckle Hangin’ from the vine What’s is like in your world baby? Won’t you let me in What’s it like in your baby? […]