Country Music Videos

Country music has come a long way since its early days. Unlike some of the artists of today who are playing to large scale stadiums and concert festivals, the origins of country music fall in American folk music, Western and blues.

Some of the earliest examples of real country music began in the 1920s in the southern United States. In most cases country music usually falls into the categories of ballads, dancing tunes or even borderline folk or rock ‘n roll. Generally it’s created using acoustic guitars, electric guitars, fiddles harmonicas and banjos.

Some of the first country superstars began out of the Atlanta music scene. In the early 1920s there were a variety of Appalachian people who came into Atlanta to work at some of the massive cotton mills, with their labor they also brought their music which would continue to be performed in small performance all is as well as be recorded in several small studios up until the 1950s. These first generations of country music would refine themselves into Western music, which are the cowboy songs we generally hear in early country, bluegrass music and honky-tonk music. It wasn’t until the third generation of country musicians that we started to see styles similar to Elvis Presley’s country music, and Johnny Cash’s rockabilly style. Some of these country songs and country lyrics from the 1950s and 60s are still some of the most treasured songs and country artists today.

Country Music Today

Today’s country scene is more vibrant than ever before. In today’s digital age it’s much easier for country artists to display their talents online and to showcase a number of country music videos. On this website you will find a variety of country music videos, country lyrics, country songs and resources to find out more about all of your favorite country artists and to discover new music.

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Lonesome On’ry And Mean – Waylon Jennings

On a greyhound bus lord i’m travelin’ this morning I’m goin’ to shreveport and down to new orleans Been travlin’ these highways and doin’ things my way It’s been making me lonesome on’ry and mean. God her hair was jet black and her name was bodine Thought she was the queen of the basin street […]


When I Call Your Name – Vince Gill

I rushed home from work like i always do. I spent my whole day just thinking of you. When i walked through the front door, my whole life was changed Cause nobody answered when i called your name. A note on the table that told me goodbye Said you’d grown weary of living a lie. […]


Candy Kisses – George Morgan

Candy kisses wrapped in paper Mean more to you than any of mine Candy kisses wrapped in paper You’d rather have them any old time You don’t mean it when you whisper Those sweet love words in my ear Candy kisses wrapped in paper Mean more to you than mine do, dear I build a […]


Orange Blossom Special – Johnny Cash

Look a-yonder comin’ Comin’ down that railroad track Hey, look a-yonder comin’ Comin’ down that railroad track It’s the orange blossom special Bringin’ my baby back Well, i’m going down to florida And get some sand in my shoes Or maybe californy And get some sand in my shoes I’ll ride that orange blossom special […]


Take This Job And Shove It – Johnny Paycheck

Take this job and shove it I ain’t working here no more My woman done left and took all the reasons I was working for. You better not try to stand in my way As i was walking out the door Take this job and shove it I ain’t working here no more. I’ve been […]


Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye – Eddy Arnold

Kiss me each morning for a million years Hold me each evening by your side Tell me you love me for a million years If it don’t work out, if it don’t work out Then you can tell me goodbye. Sweeten my coffee with a morning kiss Soften my dreams with your sigh After you’ve […]


Chattahoochie – Alan Jackson

Way down yonder on the chattahoochee It gets hotter than a hoochie coochie We laid rubber on the georgia asphalt We got a little crazy but we never got caught Down by the river on a friday night A pyramid of cans in the pale moonlight Talking ’bout cars and dreaming ’bout women Never had […]