Granger Smith – The Old Rock Church

Verse 1 When She Saw The Old Rock Church She Wanted Me To Think About Her In A White Dress Walking Down The Aisle She Was Crazy Beautiful An Angel Far From Typical What I Wouldn’t Give To Be That Guy So I Made My Mind Up Looking At Her Blue Eyes Promised Her I..


Michael Ray – This Love

[verse 1] I’ve had a midnight after some beers thing I’ve had a getting late, maybe you should crash here thing I’ve had an old flame, hometown good thing We’re reminiscing Then we’re kissing on the hood thing I’ve danced out in the rain Done all the thing that lovers do But nothing else has..


Canaan Smith – We Got Us

Here we are making all our big plans Jumping, way into the deep end Hey girl why we don’t just leave tonight Pack it up, drive until the road ends It feels like this can be the moment We’ve been waiting on all our lives We know we’re ready It may sound crazy Cause we..


Connie Smith – Fool No. 1

Now i guess that i’m the biggest fool of all. Am i fool no. 1 or am i fool no. 2 How many other girls have been fooled by you I suppose that the number is far from being small And i’ll bet that i’m the biggest fool of all. If i had the chance..


Connie Smith – Tiny Blue Transistor Radio

He bought it for my birthday just one short year ago This tiny blue transistor radio (radio, radio) We stayed up late and listened to the music soft and low On the tiny blue transistor radio. And the man at the radio station made the special dedication To jimmy and the girl that he love..