George Strait – If Heartaches Were Horses

Been in the saddle since the sun came up Rounding up strays in, this ol; west texas dust She’s been packing her things since i put coffee on By sundown she’ll be gone Damn this ol’ girth, worn right in two But a spare length of leather and i’ll make it do Just when i..


George Strait – House With No Doors

I was there in my trailer, Down at the job site The day that this stranger walked in His face looked so sad, and he carried a set of blueprints And as i unrolled them, the first thing i noticed Was there were no doors in the plans He said if you build this for..


George Strait – West Texas Town

I’m on my way to amarillo I can’t seem to get my fill of that Little west texas town I’ve got a sweet thing built, right betty Head to toe, shes mighty pretty Living in that west texas town [chorus:] Friday comes, it’s time to roll Time for me to hit the road I’ve got..


George Strait – Make Her Fall In Love With Me Song

[chorus:] Play me a dancer, a holder-hander, or honky-tonker, Pull-her-up-closer,slow romancer, Make her fall in love with me song. The room is swimmin’ with perty women, But how’s a fella supposed to get close to ’em? The band is rockin, the joint is jumpin’, Mr. guitar man let me tell you somethin’. [chorus] I see..


George Strait – When You’re In Love

[chorus] Don’t go in the summertime It’s too hot and the rooms are high But if you go in the fall, you’ll have a ball There’s so much to see and do When you’re in love There’s an old hotel right on the beach Romantic rooms you won’t want to leave But take my word..


George Strait – Give Me More Time

A banker and a farmer discuss the bottom line It ain’t rained and all the crops are dying vine Give me more time You gotta give me more time That farm has been in my family going on a hundred years We pulled through hard times before with blood, sweat and tears Give me more..


George Strait – I Saw God Today

Just walked down the street to the coffee shop Had to take a break I’ve been by her side for eighteen hours straight Saw a flower growing in the middle of the sidewalk Pushing up through the concrete Like it was planted right there for me to see The flashing lights The honking horns All..