Gretchen Wilson – The Bed

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Gretchen Willson - The Bed Lyrics

Gretchen Wilson: The Bed Lyrics

On his side of the bed, he’s sleepin’ like a baby
Dreams are dancin’ in his head
Lying with his lady
It’s a peaceful night, and everything’s just fine
On his side of the bed
But on her side of the bed, those big brown eyes are cryin’
From the things he never says
And deep inside she’s dying
As she turns to face the wall, there’s no love at all
On her side of the bed

If he’d just reach out she’d forget about
All the times that he let her down
Oh but in his mind everything’s all right
When the lights go out

On his side of the bed
He never even noticed her negligee of red
The very same one that she wore the night
That they were wed
But he never turned his head
To her side of the bed


Now on his side of the bed
He wakes up and turns to say, “i love you” but instead
All he finds are pages full of words he’d never said
And that’s all she left
On her side of the bed

Song lyrics for The Bed by Gretchen Wilson. You can sing while listening to the song The Bed performed by Gretchen Wilson.