Sonny James – Young Love

They say for every boy and girl There’s just one love in this old world, And i know i found mine. The heavenly touch of your embrace Tells me no one can take your place Ever in my heart. Refrain: Young love, first love Filled with true devotion. Young love, our love We share with..


Sonny James – I Need You

I need you oh, how i need you The nights are lonely since we’re apart I miss you oh, how i miss you come back My darlin’ and mend my heart I’m sorry dear i made you cry Please forgive and forget the days gone by I need you oh, how i need you Come..


Sonny James – Running Bear

I’m running running from heartbreak I haven’t been running long still it seems like year One night very soon i know heartbreak will catch me sleeping and so When i wake up my pillow will be wet with tears I’m running running from memories Memories so sweet i must leave them all behind One day..