The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Lovers River

On That River, My Grandfather Wed The Big Chief’s Lovely Daughter He Gave A Hundred Horses To Claim Her As His Bride They Raised A Mighty Family, The Pride Of All The Cherokee When He Died, She Lay Down By His Side Refrain: Tsunadagaya Uweyu, Where Silver Waters Flow Some Call It Lover’s River, Some..


Jimmy Driftwood – Mooshatanio

Along About Eighteen Hundred, I Guess I Took Me A Trip Into The Wilderness Crossed The Mississippi, Let My Rifle Roar No White Man Had Ever Been There Before I Turned My Face To The Settin’ Sun And I Lived By My Knife And I Lived By My Gun I Came To A River, Called..


Buddy Jewell – Dyess Arkansas

Would you believe this blacktop highway Used to be a one-lane gravel road? Back when johnny cash was just somebody Daddy went to school with years ago When the cottonwoods reached to the sky An’ honeysuckle vine grew all around My eyes well up with memories Every time i think about this little ol’ town..