The Uncle Bill Roach Band – Billy The Kid

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Bill and Ted @ Irish Club of WA, Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia

The Uncle Bill Roach Band: Billy The Kid Lyrics

William Bonney Was Just A Little Boy
He Never Knew His Daddy,his Mama Died A Whore
I Guess That’s Why He Did The Things He Did
Guess That’s Why They Called Him Billy The Kid

And His Mama Cried Billy,billy,just Twelve Years Old
Wendy Cahill Slapped You ’round Then You Shot Him Cold
An’he Cried Mama,mama,i’ve Got To Go
They’ll Never Find Me Down In Mexico

They Say He Killed A Man For Every Year He Lived
Twenty One Notches On His Gun An’ Nothin’ Left To Give
He Was A Poker Player An’ Everybody Said
The Last Man That Jacked With The Kid
Ended Up Dead

And His Mama Cried Billy,billy’where Did You Go ?
That Posseys Trackin’ You Through The Frozen Snow
An’ He Cried Mama,mama,i’ve Got To Go
They’ll Never Put Me At The End Of That Rope

But Ol’ Pat Garret Was Hot On His Trail
Found Him Out In Fort Sumner In A Two Bit Hotel
Billy Never Saw The Face Of The Man That Took His Life
But As His Soul Left His Body You Could Hear His Mama Cry

And She Cried Billy,billy,where Did You Go?
I Pray You Made It Down To Mexico
An’ He Cried Mama,mama,i Never Got To Go
Garrett Shot Me In The Back,now My Blood Runs Cold

Song lyrics for Billy The Kid by The Uncle Bill Roach Band. You can sing while listening to the song Billy The Kid performed by The Uncle Bill Roach Band.