Vince Gill – One More Last Chance

GIVE ME ONE MORE LAST CHANCE She was standing at the front door when I came home last night with a Good Book in her left hand and a rolling pin in her right she said you’d come home for the last time with the whiskey on your breath if you don’t listen to my..


Vince Gill – If You Ever Have Forever In Mind

You’re Climbing Mountains, I’m On A Hill You’re Always Running I’m Standing Still You Live For The Moment, No Future No Past I May Be A Fool To Love By The Rules And Want It To Last Chorus: If You Ever Have Forever In Mind I’ll Be Here And Easy To Find If Your Heart..


Vince Gill – When I Call Your Name

I Rushed Home From Work Like I Always Do. I Spent My Whole Day Just Thinking Of You. When I Walked Through The Front Door, My Whole Life Was Changed Cause Nobody Answered When I Called Your Name. A Note On The Table That Told Me Goodbye Said You’d Grown Weary Of Living A Lie…


Vince Gill – Go Rest High On That Mountain

I Know Your Life On Earth Was Troubled And Only You Could Know The Pain You Weren’t Afraid To Face The Devil You Were No Stranger To The Rain. Chorus: Go Rest High On That Mountain Son, Your Work On Earth Is Done Go To Heaven A Shoutin’ Love For The Father And Son. Oh,..


Vince Gill – I Still Believe In You

Everybody Wants A Little Piece Of My Time And Still I Put You At The End Of The Line How It Breaks My Heart To Cause You This Pain To See The Tears You Cry Fallin Like Rain Give Me The Chance To Prove And I’ll Make It Up To You. I Still Believe In..


Maddie & Tae – Fly

Baby blue staring in the window pane Just counting drops of rain Wondering if she’s got the guts to take it Running down her dreams in a dirty dress, Now her heart’s a mess Praying she will find a way to make it So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake Just keep on..