Gary Allan – Songs About Rain

SONGS ABOUT RAIN Well this town has closed down way too early and there’s nothing to do So I’m driving around in circles and I’m thinking about you Today I heard you got a new last name Sure didn’t know it was gonna hit me this way And the radio just keeps on playin all..


Jason Aldean – Fly Over States

A Couple Guys In First Class On A Flight From New York To Los Angeles, Kinda Making Small Talk Killing Time, Flirting With The Flight Attendants, 30, 000 Feet Above, Could Be Oklahoma, Just A Bunch Of Square Cornfields And Wheat Farms, Man It All Looks The Same, Miles And Miles Of Back Roads And..


Little Big Town – Little White Church

You’ve Been Singing, That Same Old Song Far Too Long, Far Too Long Say You’ll Buy, Me A Shiny Ring But Your Words, Don’t Mean A Thing No More Calling Me Baby No More Loving Like Crazy Til’ You Take Me Down (take Me Down) You Better Take Me Down (take Me Down) Take Me..