Aaron Tippin – Starlight Lounge

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*Larry Lang* & Friends cover "Wildfire" By:Michael M.Murphy~10-20-11@The Island Grill Open Mic~#3876

: Starlight Lounge Lyrics

Baby, Yeah, Would You Meet Me At The Starlight Lounge?
Where I Found You And You Found Me
We Were Both Dressed Up With No Place To Be

You Set Me From My Reasons For The Span Of Our Drink
For As Long I Think As It Took For Us To Sink
In Our Garden Of Sleaze

You Felt Me Up And You Stroked Me From The Inside Out
Till We Just About, Yeah
We Just About Were Sleazed Out

You Leaned On Me And I Leaned On You
Yeah, We Pushed Real Hard To Twist The Truth
Whispered Love Through A Hot Red Smoke In A Dirty Booth

You Gave Me So Many Reasons, Yeah, You Let Me Down
And I Started To Think ’bout Our Last Drink
As I Watched Us Drown In Our Garden Of Sleaze

Baby, Would You Meet Me At The Starlight Lounge?
Where I Lost You And You Lost Me At The Starlight Lounge

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