Corey Smith – Twenty-one

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Corey Smith - Twenty-One (Official Music Video)

Connie Smith: Twenty-one Lyrics

When i was only seventeen, couldn’t wait for twenty one
I’d hang around on clayton street in the bars there gettin’ drunk
A baseball cap and a fake id would get me in the clubs
Then i would dance with the college girls and lie about who i was
I’d say “i’m pre-med. here at uga, live on milledge avenue.
I was raised over in buckhead, i drive a bmw.”
I was breakin’ hearts and takin’ names and numbers just for fun.
Stealin’ kisses wishin’ i was twenty one.
When thursdays came and pocket change would quickly disappear
Upstairs at lowry’s tavern, we’d pay a nickel for every beer
Shootin’ pool, smokin’ cigarettes with a dizzy head and a grin
Four a.m. on a school night, still hangin’ out with my friends
One hour’s…

Song lyrics for Twenty-one by Connie Smith. You can sing while listening to the song Twenty-one performed by Connie Smith.