Reba Mcentire – Amazing Grace

Reba mcentire & clint black Amazing grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me. I once was lost, but now am found. Was blind, but now i see. ’twas grace that taught my heart to fear And grace my fears relieved. How precious did that grace appear The hour i first believed…


Clint Black – No Time To Kill

There’s no time to kill between the cradle and the grave. Father time still takes a toll on every minute that you save. Legal tender’s never gonna change the number of your days. The highest cost of livin’ is dying, that’s one everybody pays. So have it spent before you get the bill, there’s no..


Clint Black & Lisa Hartman Black – When I Said I Do

Clint black & lisa hartman black These times are trouble And these times are good There always gonna be They rise and they fall We take them all the way that we should Together you and me Forsaking them all Deep in the night And by the light of day It always looks the same..


Clint Black With Wynonna Judd – A Bad Goodbye

Clint: I’ve been bound to leave you We’ve known that for a while I’m sure it’s something i can’t do If i can’t leave you with a smile I don’t know how far i’ll have to go Till i’m sure those eyes won’t cry And in my mind i’ve left enough to know That i..


Clint Black – Killin’ Time

You were the first thing that i thought of When i thought i drank you off my mind When i get lost in the liquor You’re the only one i find And if i did the things i oughta You still would not be mine So i’ll keep a tight grip on the bottle Gettin’..


Clint Black – A Better Man

What do you say when it’s over? Don’t know if i should say anything at all One day we’re rollin’ in the clover Next thing you know we take the fall. Still, i think about the years since i first met you And the way it might have been without you here I don’t know..