Alabama – Song Of The South

Song, Song Of The South Sweet Potato Pie, And I Shut My Mouth Gone, Gone With The Wind There Ain’t No Body Lookin’ Back Again. Cotton On Roadside, Cotton In The Ditch We All Picked The Cotton But We Never Got Rich Daddy Was A Veteren, A Southern Democrat They Oughta Get A Rich Man..


Alabama – Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way

It’s The Same Old Tune, Fiddle And Guitar Where Do We Take It From Here Rhinestone Suits And New Shiny Cars We’ve Been The Same Way For Years We Need To Change Somebody Told Me When I Got To Nashville Son You Finally Got It Made Old Hank Made It Here, We’re All Sure That..


Allison Moorer – Alabama Song

Are you going to alabama Where the trees grow tall and green I’d like to see the gulf of mexico If you’re going, won’t you take me Are you going to alabama Where the skies shine bright and blue I’d like to see the old tombigbee If you’re going, i want to go with you..


Aaron Tippin – Alabama Song

Are You Going To Alabama Where The Trees Grow Tall And Green I’d Like To See The Gulf Of Mexico If You’re Going, Won’t You Take Me Are You Going To Alabama Where The Skies Shine Bright And Blue I’d Like To See The Old Tombigbee If You’re Going, I Want To Go With You..


Alabama – Touch Me When We’re Dancing

Play Us A Song We Can Slow Dance On We Want To Hold Each Other. Play Us A Groove So We Hardly Move Just Let Our Hearts Be Together. Oh Baby, ’cause It Feels So Good When We’re Close Like This. Whisper In My Ear And Let Me Steal The Tears. Come On And Touch..