Shawn Mullins – Fraction Of A Man

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Shawn Mullins: Fraction Of A Man Lyrics

Now my old friend harry
Never slowed down to marry
He’s in sales
He’s gone most of the year

And he smiles through all those lies
With dollar signs in his eyes
He orders himself another beer

Now harry, he’s a dreamer
And a scholar and a schemer
But he’ll be there for you
When push comes to shove

His mama called him harold
She was one of only two women
That harry ever loved

The other was a waitress
In cave creek, arizona
That broke his heart
And tangled up his mind

My old friend harry
Looking kinda scary
Wonders if he’s runnin’ out of time

Now biloxi, he’s got a sadness
Like a dark day in december
But harry recognizes
An old forgotten southern times

Thumbing through the phone book
For a name he can’t remember
Lookin’ desperate like a junkie
Waitin’ for a fix to come around

Sittin’, playin’ blackjack
With a hooker and a tourist
And a one eyed dealer winnin’ every hand

Harry sips black label
Slumps down at the table
Feelin’ like a fraction of a man
Feelin’ like a fraction of a man

Song lyrics for Fraction Of A Man by Shawn Mullins. You can sing while listening to the song Fraction Of A Man performed by Shawn Mullins.