Erin Hay – Redneck, Alabama

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Stan Cox....Redneck, Alabama..written by L.Ratliff/E.Hay

Erin Hay: Redneck, Alabama Lyrics

(Verse 1)
She Never Liked The Way That Alabama Clay
Would Cling When It Stuck To Her Bare Feet
One More Heavy Burden, Tellin’ Her For Certain
She’s In Redneck, Alabama On A Dead End Street

(Verse 2)
Raised Up Like An Outcast Heard ’em Whisper White Trash
But Words Alone She Knows Don’t Make It So
Mem’ries Will Remind Her They Could Have All Been Kinder
But In Redneck, Alabama That’s The Way It Goes


In Redneck, Alabama
There’s No Sweet Home Memories
When You’re Sixteen And Pretty
All You Know Is You Gotta Leave
And There’s A Man In A Cadillac
With A Hundred Dollar Bill
Out Of Redneck, Alabama
The Roads All Run Uphill


She Tucks That Hundred Dollar Bill Into Her Dimestore Purse
Leaves Yesterday Behind And Prays Tomorrow Won’t Be Worse

(Repeat Chorus)

Song lyrics for Redneck, Alabama by Erin Hay. You can sing while listening to the song Redneck, Alabama performed by Erin Hay.