Adam Brand – That Changes Everything

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Adam Brand - That Changes Everything

Adam Brand: That Changes Everything Lyrics

Said i know a cray boat captain outa geraldton
And i been thinkin’ i’d go down and work a spell
Oh you never can tell
It might suit me fine
To spend some time out on the bay
But then there’s always cowboy work up near monto
I was thinking that it just might be the thing
To make a little pocket change
I figure what the heck
There ain’t nothing standing in my way
Then she smiled at me
And looked a while at me

That changes everything
That’s a whole ‘nother deal
Puts a brand new spin on this old rollin’ wheel
That’s some powerful stuff
That’s a girl in love
And that’s the one thing
That changes everything

Well i spose on second thoughts this old town ain’t so bad
It wouldn’t hurt me to unload this load of mine
And there’s a for sale sign
On a little house
I saw just about a mile or so from here
But i’ve always been the kind for pulling up stakes
It ain’t ever been like me to put down roots
But now i’m thinking who am i kidding i ain’t going anywhere
Coz when she smiles at me
And looks a while at me

Song lyrics for That Changes Everything by Adam Brand. You can sing while listening to the song That Changes Everything performed by Adam Brand.