Shedaisy – Get Over Yourself

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SHeDAISY - Get Over Yourself

Shedaisy: Get Over Yourself Lyrics

Tone deaf,tone deaf

You say you’re gun-shy
I say you’re spineless
You think you’re pensive
I think you’re mindless
Such a busy little drone
That your heart beats in monotone
So loud you can’t hear me
Repetition’s what you need

Get out of my head, get off of my cloud
Get out of my hair, get off of my couch
Get off of my lips, get out of my life
Let me give you a tip, get out of my sight
Get off of your knees, get out of my face
Get out of my sleep, get out of my space
How long do i have to show and tell, scream and yell
Get over yourself

You say you’re complicated
I say too dramatic
You think i underrate you
I think i’ve finally had it
With you never having time
’cause half the time you spend
Designing brilliant tragedies
And it’s becomming your disease

(repeat chorus)

Won’t let you unnerve me
Won’t let you deserve me
And even if i kiss the dirt you’re gonna see
How i don’t hurt
And i don’t hurt

(repeat chorus)

Hey, you
Get over yourself

Song lyrics for Get Over Yourself by Shedaisy. You can sing while listening to the song Get Over Yourself performed by Shedaisy.