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Byrd is the eldest child, and only son, of Jerry Lynn and Brenda Vaughn Byrd. He and his sister Debra were raised in Vidor, Texas and were students in the Vidor, Texas public school system. Tracy Byrd graduated from Vidor High School in May 1984. His first college experience was at Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas. Byrd never intended becoming a singer. Byrd was never in Band or Choir in the Vidor School System. He began studying business at Texas State University (then called Southwest Texas State). Read more on

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Tracy Byrd – The Keeper Of The Stars

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(Dickey Lee/Danny Mayo/Karen Staley) It Was No Accident Me Finding You Someone Had A Hand In It Long Before We Ever Knew Now I Just Can’t Believe You’re In My Life Heaven’s Smilin’ Down On Me As I Look At You Tonight. I Tip My Hat To The Keeper Of The Stars He Sure Knew..