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Charles David Houston (born December 9, 1935 in Bossier City, Louisiana; died November 30, 1993 in Bossier City) was an American Grammy award winning country music singer. His peak in popularity came between the mid-1960s through the early 1970s. David Houston died of a brain aneurysm on November 30, 1993, less than two weeks before his 57th birthday. In 1963, David Houston rose to national stardom with the single "Mountain of Love"; the song, which was different from the tune made famous by composer Harold Dorman Read more on Last.fm

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David Houston – Almost Persuaded

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Last night all alone in a barroom Met a girl with a drink in her hand She had ruby red lips coal black hair and eyes That would tempt any man Then she came and sat down at my table And as she placed her soft hands in mine I found myself wanting to kiss..