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The Carter Family was a country music group that performed and recorded between 1927 and 1943. Their music had a profound impact on later bluegrass, country, pop and rock musicians, as well as on the U.S. folk revival of the 1960s. The original group consisted of Alvin Pleasant Delaney Carter (A.P.; 1891-1960), his wife, Sara Dougherty Carter (autoharp and guitar; 1898-1979), and Maybelle Addington Carter (guitar; 1909-1978). Maybelle Carter (later popularly known as Mother Maybelle Carter) was married to A. Read more on

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The Carter Family – Wildwood Flower

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I will twine, i will mingle my raven black hair With the roses so red and the lilies so fair And the myrtle so bright with it’s emerald hue The pale emanita and the hyssop so blue I will dance, i will sing and my laugh shall be gay I will charm every heart, in..