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Gene Watson (born October 11, 1943) is an American country singer. He is most famous for his 1975 hit "Love in the Hot Afternoon" and his 1982 hit "Fourteen Carat Mind." [edit] Biography Watson was born in Palestine, Texas, in 1943 and began his music career in the early 1970s, performing in local clubs at night while working in a Houston auto body shop during the day. He only recorded for a few small, regional record labels until 1974, when Capitol Records picked up his album Love in the Hot Afternoon and released it nationally. Read more on

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Gene Watson – Love In The Hot Afternoon

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From somewhere outside, i hear a Street vendor cry “filet gumbo” From my window i see him, going Down the street and he don’t know That we fell right to sleep In the damp tangled sheets so soon After love in the hot afternoon. Now the bourbon street lady Sleeps like a baby in the..