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There are several artists with the name Cam: Camaron Marvel Ochs, an American country music singer and songwriter signed to Arista Nashville. She is best known for the song "Burning House" from her album Untamed. As a songwriter, she is best known for "Fall Madly in Love with You", a track from Maggie Rose's debut album Cut to Impress, as well as "Maybe You're Right" from Miley Cyrus' album Bangerz. Cam, a gospel singer from Spencer, Oklahoma. He aspired to be an R&B singer and while in pursuit of his dreams, Cam met Jesus Christ. Read more on

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Cam – Burning House

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had a dream about a burning house You were stuck inside I couldn’t get you out I laid beside you and pulled you close And the two of us went up in smoke Love isn’t all that it seems i did you wrong I’ll stay here with you until this dream is gone I’ve been..