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Alessi's Ark is a project of singer-songwriter Alessi Laurent-Marke. She grew up in Hammersmith, London, UK and first became interested in music when her mother gave her a copy of Graham Nash's 1971 album Songs For Beginners. She took up the drums at the age of 11 when her secondary school required students to take up an instrument. This in turn led to her starting her own fanzine called Brain Bulletin (which continues in the form of a blog on her website) in which she wrote about her favourite bands, books and films. Read more on

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Alessi’s Ark – Wire

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Keep it in my pocket She can’t hold it where she lay She don’t need it where she Plenty of that where it could pay I sit there by the counter Where i sell that things that kill Propped up by dollar bills Behind this rusty till I’m tired of walking this wire It keeps..
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