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Abalone Dots is a four member girlband from Västervik, Sweden. They write their own songs and have also cooperated with other song writers, Marit Bergman among others. Their music is similar to bluegrass or softgrass. In summer 2006, they got signed by Sony BMG in Sweden and their album "From a safe distance" reached the stores in 2007. The members are: - Rebecka Hjukström: song, banjo guitarr, dobro - Elin Mörk: song, fiddle - Sophia Hogman: song, mandoline, keyed fiddle, chello Read more on Last.fm

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Abalone Dots – Solo

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Don’t let me find you again, Been down this road too many times, too many times my friend Like we know, there’s a place from where we grow I don’t know where to go or where to be safe Time will get you by Find your way back home Learn some new tricks down the..
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