Toby Keith – A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action

I Was Getting Kinda Tired Of Her Endless Chatter Nothing I Could Say Ever Seemed To Matter So I Took A Little Drive Just To Clear My Head I Saw A Flashing Neon Up Ahead It Looked Like A Place To Find Some Satisfaction With A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action I..


Luke Bryan – Kick The Dust Up

Kick the dust up All week long it’s a farming town, they’re making that money grow Tractors, plows with flashing lights backing up a two lane road They take one last lap around That sun up high goes down And then it’s on, come girl, kick it on back Z71 like a cadillac We go..


Daryle Singletary – Too Much Fun

Blue lights flashing in my rear-view mirror, The sheriff says, “boy i should have known it was you. You’ve got fourteen people in the back of this truck, I’ve warned you twice and now i’m writing you up.” I said, “officer, what have i done?” He smiled and said, “boy, you’re having too much fun.”..


Chris Knight – Framed

Well i was hauling logs ten years ago The news was out on the radio That a shot was fired the night before And a local man lay dead on the floor And the dust was flying in the lumberyard Lights were flashing on two black cars I said, sheriff i ain’t done nothing wrong..