Statler Brothers – In The Beginning

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In The Beginning : The Statler Brothers

Statler Brothers: In The Beginning Lyrics

In the beginning
The lord made the earth
The heavens the hills and the seas
Then he created
The sun and the stars
The land the blue the trees.

He made all creatures
That lived in the earth
And taught them to live by his plan
Then as he rested
The lord sanctified
The seventh day for man.

Molded in the image of his maker
Man shall have dominion over all
But because we’re nothing more than human
Sometimes we stumble somethimes we fall.

In the beginning
The world was so right
Perfection was there for all men
So pray and believe him
The lord’s holy life
And we’ll have perfection again…

Song lyrics for In The Beginning by Statler Brothers. You can sing while listening to the song In The Beginning performed by Statler Brothers.