Jimmy Driftwood – Mooshatanio

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Jimmie Driftwood - Mooshatanio

Jimmy Driftwood: Mooshatanio Lyrics

Along About Eighteen Hundred, I Guess
I Took Me A Trip Into The Wilderness
Crossed The Mississippi, Let My Rifle Roar
No White Man Had Ever Been There Before

I Turned My Face To The Settin’ Sun
And I Lived By My Knife And I Lived By My Gun
I Came To A River, Called The Little Buffalo
And Met A Pretty Maiden, Called Mooshatanio

I Hugged Her And I Kissed Her On The Little Buffalo
Mooshatanio – Mooshatanio
The Big Chief’s Daughter Was The Mooshatanio

A Brave, Called Buzzard And A Brave, Called Crow
And A Brave Called Hawk, Was For Mooshatanio
They Had A Big Battle With The Arrow And The Bow
And The Hawk Shot The Buzzard And The Buzzard Shot The Crow

The Hawk And I Went A Hunting On A Hill
And I Knew, It Was Me, He Was Wanting To Kill
I Left Him A Land Where The Honey Suckles Grow
And Said Goodbye To My Mooshatanio


I Went Back Home, My Mother To See
And Stayed Thirty Years In Middle Tennessee
When I Got Back To The Little Buffalo
They Showed Me The Grave Of My Mooshatanio

The Young Chief’s Heart Was Brave And True
His Hair Was Red And His Eyes Were Blue
His Father And His Mother, He Let Me Know
Was The Great White Spirit And The Mooshatanio

Mooshatanio, Mooshatanio
He Was My Son, But I Couldn’t Let Him Know
Mooshatanio, Mooshatanio
The Great White Spirit And The Mooshatanio

Song lyrics for Mooshatanio by Jimmy Driftwood. You can sing while listening to the song Mooshatanio performed by Jimmy Driftwood.