Keith Anderson – Pickin Wildflowers

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Keith Anderson - Pickin' Wildflowers (Official Video)

Keith Anderson: Pickin Wildflowers Lyrics

Hey Baby Whatcha Doin This Evening?
Can You Meet Me Down At The Railroad Tracks?
I Got Tom Petty Playin In My Silverado,
And I Iced Down A Six Pack.

Hey Daisy Don T You Worry Bout Your Mama,
Like 007 We Can Keep It Covert.
Undercover On The Ground By The Water
Gonna Get A Little Peace… On Earth.

Baby Whatcha Say We Go Pickin Wildflowers?
Got A Spot Way Back In The Woods.
Sneak Away For A Couple Of Hours,
You And Me Baby, Pickin Wildflowers.

Hey Baby, Mother Nature Is Waitin
And Love S Bloomin Like A Cherry Tree.
Let S Buzz Around, Maybe Do Some Pollenating,
Dive On In Like Honey Bees.

Repeat Chorus

Take A Trail Ride If You Know What I Mean.
Hey Baby Won T You Come With Me?

Repeat Chorus X2

Song lyrics for Pickin Wildflowers by Keith Anderson. You can sing while listening to the song Pickin Wildflowers performed by Keith Anderson.