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As many as four groups (as well as a classic Laurel and Hardy movie) exist under this name: #1 - A Bluegrass / Jazz / Rock / Noise / Folk band from London formed by singer and mandolinist Ewan Shiels in 1988 that has released three albums so far. #2 - An American country music band founded by brothers Drew and Tim Womack, with first album in 1996; they disbanded in 2004. #3 - A Canadian band from the 1980s #4 - A French Jazz group that began in 1988; their most recent album was released in 2010 Read more on

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Sons Of The Desert – What About You

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My alarm clock in the trash can At three a.m. last night I don’t need no wake-up call ’cause i can’t close my eyes When i do you’re all i see and all i dream about Girl you’ve started a fire in me and i can’t put it out I think it’s the real thing..